Congratulations on taking the first step to improve the performance of your existing or new website. This information will allow us to formulate a plan for optimising your website and conduct keyword research to identify search phrases that are actually being used out of roughly 400 million searches over the next 60 days. We require completion of this questionnaire to begin this process.

What Industry are you In?

Brief description of your company /business, products and its services

Please suggest a list of keywords that you feel your potential customers will search for. A good example of a keyword is your service offering or product.

How do you rate your current website on the search engines? Do you have traffic statistics or logs for us to review? If so, please include or send the details and files separately

What is the geographic target of your market?
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Clarify your markets as above. Please list your target areas.

What are you best known for?

What would you like to be known for?

Please outline your current internet marketing strategy and include your future (planned) internet marketing strategy. (Please include your twitter account, your Facebook group or fan page and all listings in business directories)

Are you aware of other internet marketing strategies other than SEO such as SEM/ Pay-Per-Click and Banner advertising?
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What are your target customers?

Who are your best customers and why?

What organisations or industries are supportive and / or complimentary to your products/services?

Do you have Youtube, Google video or Power point presentations to promote your services
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Has your business been verified and locally listed by Google?
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Do you promote your blog in anyway (if any) or do you comment on any Industry related blogs/forums?
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Name three of your nearest and major online competitors (Company name, location, city/state and website URL). We will perform analysis of their websites to get an idea of how they are ranked by the major search engines, the degree of optimization on their web-sites and what they are targeting.

Have you undertaken website search engine optimisation in the past?
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If yes, please provide us with your previously targeted keyword information.

What was performed and what were the results?

What are your expectations from us in terms of deliverables? How would you qualify success? Please select from the below. You may choose more than one.
Higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK etc
Increased number of unique and targeted visitors
Sales and registration conversions

General Comments: (anything else you would like us to know)